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I believe being a wedding photographer isn't just someone who photographs your most special day -- but someone who is there for you from the start of your wedding process to the very end. It's a plus building a friendship along the way.

My passion is capturing the love that my couples have in their own unique way. From the silly, giggle-y moments, to the bittersweet happy tears.

If you're down for an adventure together, I think we will get along great.

Now booking 2023 + 2024 weddings and engagements world wide.


My passion is being able to provide a service to people with the result of a big smile on their face and all of the happy tears!!! I love capturing couples fall in love and getting to do it over and over again… it is the most rewarding experience that I can’t even put into words! If you are looking for someone to capture these most precious moments, that is just as excited as you about your next chapter in life, and someone who will become your new best friend… I think you’re at the right place!

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My partner and I have been together for four years and met in college. We recently moved to New England and it has been the biggest blessing!


I enjoy spending time with my partner and loved ones, our two cats, walks on the beach, traveling to places near and far, and binge watching the latest Netflix show.

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My name is Clay Taylor Michaud -- I am a traveling wedding photographer based in Portland, Maine, originally from Dallas, Texas. I first picked up a camera about 9 years ago in high school by taking senior photos for students at the time. When leaving to the University of Arkansas to obtain my degree in Marketing and Advertising/PR, I realized towards the end of school that my passion was making people laugh and capturing people’s most special memories. After graduation, I decided to make my passion my career (and never looked back!)



Bold. Unique. Candid. True to color with a little bit of flare. Timeless.

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