Fresh designs from bygone eras (3).png
Fresh designs from bygone eras (3).png

Hia! My name is clay, and I am Texas born and raised. I currently reside in Dallas, where I fully own and operate Clay Taylor Photo.

Many people ask how Clay Taylor Photo got started… to explain, we’ll have to go back a little bit in time to paint the whole picture!


When I was eleven years old, I always loved going to visit my grandpa. We would always spend time up in his photography studio creating calendars for the family. I was so intrigued by the equipment and all that went into taking just a single photo. One Christmas, I asked him for a camera. Being the spoiled (and very blessed) kid that I was, I was gifted my very first camera that Christmas. I spent time shooting mainly photos of nature and photos of my little sister – mainly just goofing around. I would go through periods of time where I had no interest in it, or it didn’t excite me as much as my Gameboy (remember I was only eleven).

It wasn’t until high school where I brought that very same camera back out after joining the high school newspaper. While in newspaper, I sat as a reporter the first year. Once a student showed my advisor photos I took that were posted on my Facebook, she felt that I should also work as one of their photographers. As time went on, I was promoted to sports editor and head photographer, and the following years managing editor as well. After receiving attention from numerous publications from the city newspaper, I was randomly asked by a student in my chemistry class if I would take photos of her. In my head I was confused and asked why? She replied, “because your photos are so good! You could make this a real job!” Me… a sophomore in high school? Doing what adults do as their career? No way! We did the shoot and just like that, Clay Taylor Photo was created. I found myself with inquiries from other students to take their senior photos as well as being called by my photography name by students in school.

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 Toward the end of my high school journey, I was named an award winner for the Press Women’s of Texas best feature photo in the state as well as in the nation. I spent time with non-profit organizations, newspaper, as well as freelancing, all while navigating what was next for me after high school.


Today, I also operate Clay Taylor Photo in the Northwest Arkansas region, where I received my bachelor’s degree in advertising, public relations, and marketing through the University of Arkansas. While in college, I took on responsibilities with the school newspaper, where I had the opportunity to work on assignments for the SEC, my fraternity, as well as the board of the Student Alumni Association. While being a part of these things was such a great opportunity, I knew that working for myself and letting my creative side out was what was most important. I began taking college senior portraits at the university, as well as families and residents in the town of Fayetteville.


aside from my personal life, I often get asked the question... well what do you do for fun?!

THIS! I have been passionate about my photography since I was a little kid. I have always enjoyed getting to capture people's special moments, so that they can always have the chance to look back on some of their most special memories. 

now that you know a little about me, let's get to know YOU and make some magic happen!


I have been so lucky to travel the country with my amazing fiancé. where we spend most time with friends, family, or our kittens. 


michael and I have been together for nearly two years, where we originally met over social media. We started our relationship with long distance, while he was in Florida and I was in Arkansas for school. Once the pandemic hit and classes moved online, we decided to take the opportunity and move in together! Not the most normal thing, but it worked, and we wouldn't want it any other way!

michael also spends quite some time accompanying me at my photo shoots, helping me as my assistant.

michael is my number 1 supporter, and may be there to help lift a hand during your photo shoot!



tag along!

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